Happy Halloween 🎃 👻

Happy Halloween ghouls and boils! 👻🎃🤡

I hope you’re all having a fun, scary and safe day today despite this year being different. I have minor book news for you. I had one more round of editing with publisher, but it’s just three sentences. That means that next we start working on the page and cover design!

I’m super excited for that step and can’t wait to share those parts with you.

That’s all for today. Stay safe, have fun and get scared 💀

Published by Jesse Rosenbaum

I grew up in Green Brook, NJ and as of 2017 am living in Vero Beach, FL. I am an author of stories for both page and screen. Literally Jesse is a place where I can share what I have been up to both literally and literarily speaking. I am an avid reader of fiction with a love for horror, mysteries, science fiction & thrillers, but I don’t limit myself to those genres. I am a published author with my first novel, The Condemned, on sale now and is published by Fulton Books. I am very excited to share what I have been up to and what I am working on.

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