Silver Award for The Condemned

Hello everyone! I have a small post to share with you today. The great people over at Literary Titan, have given my debut novel, The Condemned, their Silver Book Award! The email that I received from them said the following:


We are proud to present you with our Literary Titan Book AwardYour book was recently reviewed through our Book Review Service, with that service your book is entered into our Literary Book Award competition. Your book deserves extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and writing talent. Start telling the world that you’re an award winning author, because we will be! 

Well, here I am telling the world! Thank you so much to the team over at Literary Titan. I am honored that you chose my book among many of the other great ones that received this award. I will work hard to ensure that my next book is well received also.

In Other News

I am working on finishing my first draft of the short story anthology still. I am rapidly approaching 70,000 words. I think after editing and one more potential story, I may hit 80,000, which will make for a nice collection of stories, but I am not going to force it.

Other than that, I have a few ideas in mind for some short story submissions that are open right now, but I haven’t written the first drafts of them yet. The deadline for one of them is on October 20th, 2021, so I am not sure I will make that deadline, but I am going to try.

Until the next post, take care and keep reading. 😄

Published by Jesse Rosenbaum

I grew up in Green Brook, NJ and as of 2017 am living in Vero Beach, FL. I am an author of stories for both page and screen. Literally Jesse is a place where I can share what I have been up to both literally and literarily speaking. I am an avid reader of fiction with a love for horror, mysteries, science fiction & thrillers, but I don’t limit myself to those genres. I am a published author with my first novel, The Condemned, on sale now and is published by Fulton Books. I am very excited to share what I have been up to and what I am working on.

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