About Time, Angels, Nightmares and Other Stories

Hello everyone! 👋 I trust this post finds you all doing well. I wanted to take a moment to provide you with some updates on what I am up to. I am currently working on a short story anthology with a working title of, About Time, Angels, Nightmares and Other Stories. This will be aContinue reading “About Time, Angels, Nightmares and Other Stories”

Book Giveaway – Paperback

Hi everyone! Tyler Cooper (@spookysquatch) on Instagram is doing a book giveaway on his Instagram profile of a signed copy of my debut novel, The Condemned. Winner to be selected tomorrow night! 😱 Head on over to enter for a chance to get a signed copy! Good luck! 🤞

The Condemned Now On Sale Locally

Hey everyone! I’m so very happy to announce that my debut novel, The Condemned, is now on sale at the Vero Beach Book Center! Thank you so very much, to the store for stocking my book! They also let me autograph the copies they had on hand, which felt awesome. For those of you whoContinue reading “The Condemned Now On Sale Locally”

Signed my first sold copy!

Just as the title says, I signed my first sold copy of The Condemned today! What an amazing feeling! Do you want a signed copy? Reach out and we can figure something out 😁 What is The Condemned you ask? Well, it’s my first novel and it’s on sale now! If you’re a horror fan,Continue reading “Signed my first sold copy!”

Book Covers & Podcast Submission Progress

Hello everyone! I trust this post finds you well. I have some updates for you all on two key items. First up…’The Condemend’ cover design is in phase 2! I was very impressed with the first design the publishers gave me and I am making some small changes based on some feedback from Dana andContinue reading “Book Covers & Podcast Submission Progress”

New Stephen King Book Announced!

Hey everyone! I’m sharing this article I just read about a new Stephen King book coming out called ‘Later’. The summary sounds very good and it’s definitely going on my want list. Check it out. Stephen King Has a New Pulp-Style Crime Novel Coming Out Titled LATER https://geektyrant.com/news/stephen-king-has-a-new-crime-novel-coming-out-titled-later

Book Giveaway – The Invention of Sound by Chuck Palahniuk

Happy Sunday everyone! So Goodreads has a book giveaway going on right now for Chuck Palahniuk’s upcoming book, ‘The Invention of Sound’. Here’s the summary from Goodreads: “New from the bestselling author of FIGHT CLUB, a father’s search for his missing daughter leads him to the darkest secret Hollywood has ever kept. A grim andContinue reading “Book Giveaway – The Invention of Sound by Chuck Palahniuk”

What am I reading currently?

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I thought it would be fun to share what I am reading currently. The thing you should know about me is that I am usually bouncing back and forth from two or three different books / comics. So here is a list of what I am currentlyContinue reading “What am I reading currently?”