Donate Your Old Books to a New Library in Kenya

Hello all! One of the YouTube channels that I watch, JerryRigEverything, recently used $75,000 of money earned on YouTube to start construction on a library in Kenya to give kids access to books because we all know that knowledge is power. Here is the video about it. What they are looking for is to haveContinue reading “Donate Your Old Books to a New Library in Kenya”

The Condemned – Video Trailer

Hello again everyone! My publisher, Fulton Books, has produced a video trailer to announce my debut novel, The Condemned, and it is now available for view. Take a look! They also stood up a page on their website for the book, which you can see here. I am now also listed on their New ReleasesContinue reading “The Condemned – Video Trailer”

YouTube Channel Now Live

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know what my YouTube channel is now live. Initially, this will be used for promotional content, but I could use it for reviews, interviews and possibly more in the future. Be sure to subscribe to get notified about new content.